Dog Sitting Barrie Services

Dog Sitting Barrie

Dog sitting barrie services and in-home visits are available for those in the Barrie area. If you are outside of this area, please contact us as we may still be able to assist you.

There are a few common concerns among dog owners when leaving their pet with someone new:

How is my dog doing? Does he like my pet sitter? Did my dog eat his food? Did he go pee? Did he have a chance to play outdoors? Was my dog given his medication? How will my dog sitter react if my dog gives him/her a hard tme? Can my dog sitter watch more than one dog?

We can provide you updates of your dog while you are away to ensure that he or she is well taken care of. Before you leave your furry friend with us, we will work out a plan with you to discuss your dog’s needs and any special accomodations to ensure your dog is safe, happy, and healthy.

Just like our dog walks, we take a few things into consideration before we start, including:

  • Dog Breed
  • Age / Size
  • Exercise Tolerance / Health Condition
  • History (behaviors, training, socialization, etc)
  • Routine / Schedule / Availability

We want to make sure that your dog gets the best treatment possible during his or her time with us so we want to know just about everything regarding your furry friend. Let’s work together to give your dog the ‘paw’sitvely delightful experience he deserves!

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