Too Hot to Walk Your Dog? Everything you Need to Know

Walking your dog is a necessity, but like a human, the weather also affects this animal – worst-case scenario, can kill them. Dogs’ skins are delicate and exposing them to harsh temperatures can cause “Heatstroke” in dogs. Heatstroke is the sudden high, hot temperature in dogs that is not caused by fever. It happens when the dog’s body system cannot regulate or maintain a comfortable temperature level. So, therefore, we recommend that the safest weather temperature for walking your dogs is 19°C (68°F), but you have to be careful to know when the mercury level increases above this. 

Although cynologists will suggest that you can still walk your dog at a temperature of 20°C (70°F), we still consider such recommendation risky – it can still trigger Heat Stroke in dogs. Most experts have different opinions on whether 20°C temperature is (slightly) good weather to walk dogs, which is why we advise you to contact Dog Walkers Barrie for professional advice on this.

It is funny that most dog owners have no knowledge of the implication of walking your dog under the wrong weather.  Well, it will be important to mention that 63% of dogs die of heatstroke globally. According to Heat Stroke Education for Dogs, exposing these dogs to hot temperatures can make their brains overheat, a situation that can make them go into a coma in no time. And according to VetCompass, 70% of HRI cases in the United Kingdom happened after the owners had gone for a walk with their pet under the hot weather. So, no matter what you do, you must know the right weather to walk your dog(s) to avoid serious health complications that often lead to death. 

Ways to Know the Right Weather to Take your Dog for a Walk

  1. Check the Pavement 

According to Dr. Neerja Muncaster: a veterinary surgeon, if you want to go walk your dog and you are worried about the weather, place the back of your hand on the pavement for seven seconds and check if it is too hot for the dog’s paws. If you can’t hold on up to seven seconds, then it is just a bad time to walk that walk, try another day.

  1. Check for Heat Stroke Symptoms

In case you take your dog for a walk and you are doubting if it is getting too hot to go back, it is recommended you check for heatstroke symptoms. To do this, you have to check for heavy panting, excessive drooling, vomiting, incoordination, or collapse.

  1. Heavy Sweating

This is the most obvious sign that the weather is not favorable for a walk with your dog. But unfortunately not too many people know that dogs sweat. Well, yes, they do.

What to Do if the Weather is Too Hot for your Dog

If you find yourself in a situation where it suddenly gets hot outside your home, there are few things to do to prevent your dog from falling victim to heatstroke. But you must avoid feeding them with iced water. Although it sounds logical to do this, it can cause the dog’s blood vessels to constrict and can slow down the heat dissipation. Instead, you should spread cool water (not cold) on the body.

The majority of dog owners prefer to give their dogs a shave, which is also recommended for dogs like Afghan Hound, Komondor, or Bergamasco Shepherd; hairs have a way of suffocating them during hot weather.

Finally, it is important to look out for your dog when it matters, like they say, prevention is better than cure; be proactive when it comes to your dog’s health. You can also take advantage of some dog products specially designed for hot weather conditions. Again, once a while, visit or call the Dog Walkers Barrie platform for expert advice.